Football games are live events worthy of being recorded by TSR Productions

Capture a Live Event

Events like everything else we do, require storytelling. If you want your event recorded in a way that epitomizes the occasion, we are your production company. Through the planning, recording, and editing, our goal is to reach beyond your expectations, to deliver the unforgettable.

Some Events We Suggest:

Concerts – Whether you’re looking to make a music video, create content to help promote your band, or if your daughter has a clarinet recital, we’re happy to help you capture the performance.
Sports – Football, of course, is huge in Austin, as in all of Texas, but certainly all sporting events are worthy of the chance to become recorded history.  We can supply game tape to prepare for the next week, in addition to editing a DVD that encapsulates the season.  We will work to help your team be better, and to see that you don’t forget.
Theater – In the past theater has not been recorded because, typically shot with one camera and poor microphone, the quality is very poor.  Those days are over.  With all the creativity, time, and effort, there is no reason that theater should not be recorded.  Wouldn’t it be nice to record a trailer, to help draw an audience?  Wouldn’t it be nice to recoup some costs, or even make profit, selling a DVD of your show, or season?  Certainly your answer is yes to these questions.  Let’s do it.
Speakers/Conferences – We can also help you record your conference, speaker series, or talk.  We can add interviews and other accoutrements, to package a DVD for your attendees.  Think they’ll come back next year?  Let’s help them decide.
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